Houses For Sale In St. Catherine Jamaica

St. Catherine Jamaica is the largest parish in the island. It is for this very reason that real estate in this area is much more wide spread and difficult to analyze than any other parish. Homes for sale in St. Catherine Jamaica are not as lucrative investments like Montego Bay properties but can still generate revenue from rentals. What most people don’t know is that Portmore is a part of St. Catherine and not Kingston. This means that it holds the most value with respect to Jamaica real estate. Take for instance that you want to locate houses for sale in Bridgeport St. Catherine Jamaica. These properties can be easily located using the services of a real estate agent or browsing the local newspaper the Gleaner.

You can easily find these Jamaica property listings and choose a suitable home or apartment for sale or rent. There are well over 100 communities in St. Catherine with Portmore being dubbed as the largest city in the country. Houses for sale in Portmore, St. Catherine undoubtedly peak the most interest for Jamaican investors in real estate. This is due to the fact that the properties can be purchased at relatively low costs and because of the high capitalization rate the purchase price can be garnered quite easily. Let us now examine the different communities of interest in St. Catherine. Centrally in St. Catherine the communities of Ensom City, Hampstead Green, Crescent and Spanish Town the capital are the major areas that residential homes in St. Catherine can be found. These are undoubtedly the most densely populated areas and it can be difficult to locate apartments for rent or sale in these particular areas.

As this is not a prime tourist destination you will not have an abundance of villas or condos. East central areas include Sligoville, Above Rocks, Bog Walk and Lauriston. Some of the best designed apartments for rent in St. Catherine Jamaica are located in the Sligoville area. As this is well above sea level both the view and cool climate contribute to the atmosphere and hence these properties will yield more revenue from rental income or capital gains. We strongly recommend this area as one that should be looked on if any Jamaican property investment is going to be made. Northerly communities of Guys Hill (Guy’s Hill), Troja and Mount Industry are some of the lesser known towns and districts. These properties tend not to yield any substantial revenue from rentals but are superb for agricultural purposes and residential lots. If you are into ecology then you will definitely favor this area as somewhere to enjoy nature almost untouched.

Homes for sale in Lluidas Vale, Jamaica and areas such as Linstead, Ewarton and Threadways are also not of the highest value. These will have relatively a lower estimated market value than similar properties in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Kingston despite a much small population. These areas do have some level of commerce but does not sustain many jobs and so most qualified individuals move on to find residence elsewhere. Auction homes for sale in St. Catherine Jamaica are commonly found in the areas of Greendale, Gregory Park, Twickenham Park and Dela Vega City.

This is because most of the real estate in these communities is owned by persons that earn below JMD$1,000,000 per annum and hence when they fall on hard times these properties are foreclosed on and eventually auctioned. St. Catherine Jamaica rentals can be easily acquired in the areas of Waterford, Edgewater (Edge Water), Independence City, Westchester (West Chester) and Bridgeport (bridge port). These areas make up the heart of the Portmore community which is home to an undocumented 12,000 families. It is often asked how many people live in Portmore St. Catherine Jamaica and to date the census team has yet to deliver an accurate assessment.

Moving further south the communities of Old Harbor (consisting of Old Harbor North, Old Harbor Central and Old Harbor south), Church Pen and Sydenham are key in the properties for rental in Portmore St. Catherine Jamaica. This resulted in access being an issue which is why the Highway 2000 project was started that by passed the old known Spanish Town Bypass and led to a 5 minute drive from Kingston to this area for less than USD$1.00. Property for sale in St. Catherine, Jamaica often includes prime spots. However these spots are always split up due to several reasons.

Hellshire, Greater Portmore, Naggo Head, Braeton and Bernard Lodge represent a serious quagmire of the proximity between Jamaican property prices. Let us imagine homes for sale in Hellshire and a house for sale in Greater Portmore, though side by side the former could yield ten times the value of the latter simply because of the location and name. Though some Jamaican realtors will argue that this is beachfront homes in St. Catherine. Bellevue, Point Hill, Ginger Hill and Red Gills have an abundance of real estate for rent in St. Catherine Jamaica.

Easily accessible from Kingston via the Red Hills Road these areas provide a much cheaper option for those professionals and students and even traveling businessmen in search of unfurnished houses for rent St. Catherine Jamaica. Finally you can locate commercial space for rent in St. Catherine in any one of these areas. Despite the fact that the most lucrative location is Angels Estate. This provides one of the best places to find property.