Houses For Sale In Negril Jamaica

Negril is the most popular beach resort town in the Caribbean. The seven mile stretch of white sand beach covers two parishes Hanover and Westmoreland is the western region of the island. It is home to some of the most beautiful properties and houses for sale in Negril Jamaica. Both the Downtown areas and what is known as the West End are located in Westmoreland and is where you will find most of the long lease rental houses in Negril Jamaica.

Many tourists and property investors take real advantages of this fact buy purchasing many of these properties either for sale or rental. Moving towards the northern end of Negril and mostly into the parish of Hanover you will locate a plethora of new homes in Negril Jamaica West Indies for sale. This property is sold at various reasonable prices and costs and definitely is a prudent purchase. The closest town is Savanna-la-Mar which is the capital of Westmoreland and not surprisingly the location of most of the foreclosure homes in Negril.

This is because this town has been around since the early 1800’s and when any economic crisis develops the pinch is felt in the capital town first. This leads to many foreclosed homes in Jamaica. A new highway between Montego Bay in St. James and Negril was created and this improved the value of existing property making it much more attractive to potential investors. There is more than enough evidence of this if you peruse a listing of properties for sale in Negril Jamaica. These prices range from USD$200,000 to as high as USD$3,000,000.

This real estate in the area much more attractive than other well known locations in the parish. Among these well known locations you can find houses for sale in Whitehouse, Savanna la mar (Savanalamar), West End, Montpelier, Llandilo, Hartfort, South Seaview (Sea View) Park, Colluden, Nordutch Gardens, Campbleton Gardens, Pleasant Park, Walter Cheddisingh, Bluefields Gardens, Ocean Terrace Estate, Little London, Sweet River, Mount Pleasant, New Hope, Darliston, Cave Hill, New Market, Frome, Georges Plain and several other major locations.

Green Island is possibly one of the more popular locations apart from the town in Negril. However every investor or Jamaica real estate developer will tell you that there is no better location to own or build than finding real estate for sale Negril Jamaica. Though it might be best to locate property that is FSBO you can still find major real estate agents that can deliver a solid buy. Easily you can’t find a better location to purchase property in the island as it serves several benefits.

You can purchase as a main residence, or you can use it to earn timeshare revenue, you can use it as a holiday and vacation home or you can earn from long term rentals. All in all houses for sale in Negril Jamaica are a good buy regardless your initial purpose due to the versatility of the investment.